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Whose Side are We On?

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Given the oppositional nature of the legal field, it is not surprising that we are sometimes asked which side we are on. After all, there are plaintiff lawyers and defense lawyers, plaintiff experts and defense experts. Some attorneys would consider it a breach of duty if they didn’t go venue shopping to ensure the most favorable forum and jury for the client.

More Than Just a Great Court Reporter

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You have a tough job. You work long hours under a lot of stress. If you overlook one detail, forget to note one date, you are liable for sanctions and may even compromise your case. The largest firms have their own calendar specialists to oversee such matters, but, whether you work for one of the top 100 firms or are a sole practitioner,

Learning from Experience Tried and True

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One of the best parts of attending conventions is hearing the war stories told around the dinner table by seasoned veterans. Some of these tales involve how they outwitted the opposition, but there are also those of the “I’ll never do that again” variety. It’s the combination of these experiences, both good and bad,