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At Atkinson-Baker, our mission is to keep you as busy as you want to be with the kinds of jobs you like. We work to send you to jobs, at the times and places you designate. We know how hard you have worked to become a professional, and we will treat you with the respect and appreciation you deserve, so that we have a mutually beneficial relationship.

The ABI Reporter E-Letter for Court Reporters
Our quarterly e-letter offering useful articles, tips and tools for court reporters.

Reporting for ABI
We are always interested in getting to know good Court Reporters.

ABI Reporter Forms

How to Start Realtime
This has been written as a manual for you to use to get yourself set up and going as a realtime reporter.

The Perfect Scopist
Finding the perfect match. Can you really afford NOT to?

Finding a Scopist
“A common question was “How do I find a scopist?” Even court reporters who normally do their own scoping like to have the security of a competent backup for when things get busy.”

Do You Have a Clone?
Great court reporters know others! If you could clone yourself, we’d order up 100 of you!

Vendors and Groups
This is a list of companies who market products or services related to court reporting and/or litigation support, plus associations and other contacts that may be of use to a person in the court reporting industry or someone interested in litigation support.

Additional Resources

Meet Your Calendar Rep with Map