What Sets Us Apart – Atkinson-Baker Court Reporters


What Sets Us Apart – Atkinson-Baker Court Reporters

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Sheila Atkinson-BakerClients frequently ask what the difference is between our firm and some of the other nationwide agencies.  To answer that, I would like to give you a little bit of our background.

I began my association with the court reporting field 22 years ago, as an independent court reporter. As the demand for my services grew, my husband, Alan, started managing some of the business aspects of my practice, while I continued to do the reporting.

The demand continued to grow. We started to hire other court reporters and Atkinson-Baker Court Reporters came into being, headquartered in the not so spacious facilities of our family room.

Well, we have never stopped growing. We made both the Inc. 500 list and the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing privately held companies in America for consecutive years and we have continued to grow every year since. We now have 160 office staff, not counting any court reporters, and on average we report over 1,000 depositions each week. But, despite the growth, the fundamentals of our company have remained the same.

We do not buy out other agencies or merge with competitors. We have no huge bank loans funding our expansion. Our company has grown by providing excellent service to one client at a time and having that client refer us to others. To this day, referrals are by far the greatest source of our new clients.

You see, we are not “MegaDepo” or “Reporter Net.” We are Atkinson-Baker Court Reporters. Alan still manages the business aspects of the practice and, while I did not personally report 1,000 depositions last week, I still oversee the training and quality of our court reporters and am active on the board of our state court reporters association. Every transcript still comes into our office for quality control before going out to our clients.

It is this personal attention which makes the difference.  Although, when you schedule with us, I will not be showing up in your office to report the deposition, our name still appears on the binding of every transcript you receive. It makes a difference when it is your name, not the name of some faceless corporation.  That is why we are and will remain Atkinson-Baker Court Reporters.

Sheila Atkinson-Baker

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