Video Deposition Tips


Video Deposition Tips

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Here are some suggestions designed to help your clients be their best during their videotaped deposition:


  • Avoid small patterns, stripes, or checks to eliminate a rainbow or shimmering effect
  • Wear Neutral tones
  • Come as if you were walking into court


  • Subject is shot head and shoulders with the witness looking slightly off to the side at the deposing attorney


  • Use a backdrop
  • No activity behind the witness
  • No lighting behind the deponent

Visual Aids:

  • Be concise
  • Mark exhibits off camera
  • Bring models, charts, diagrams, photos or anything that will help illustrate your point
  • Given the video literacy of audiences, most viewers expect to see or hear something new at least every few minutes

Minimum Room Size:

  • Smaller spaces can pose challenges due to the size required by the camera, backdrop, and other equipment
  • If possible a conference room is best

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