Time is Money


Time is Money

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By Sheila Atkinson-Baker

time is moneyMany of us have hired housekeepers from time to time even though we are capable of cleaning our own house. We’ve also hired painters and gardeners even though we could do the jobs ourselves. Why? We do this for the sole purpose of freeing up time and energy so we can focus on other important areas that need attention. This “bartering with oneself,” if you will, also benefits our professional life.

As you know firsthand, the legal field is extremely deadline-driven. So much so that one little hiccup in deposition planning sends ripples of delays throughout the process and can create unwanted stress on you and throughout your office environment.

Planning Smarter

Now imagine those same depositions not only took half the time, but they also have an extremely high level of quality and each one was pulled off without a hitch. Too good to be true? Not if you plan smarter.

Working Smarter Means You are in Control
YOU schedule depos online in less than 2 minutes — no kidding!

YOU immediately receive a confirmed setting number returned to you via email

YOU make all cancellations/changes yourself (for depos 24+ hours out)

YOU receive confirmations of scheduled depositions later that day

YOU view your activity and calendar online 24/7

YOU view and download your transcripts anytime

YOU have a detailed history of your jobs at your fingertips

YOU choose your preferred court reporter when booking

YOU can request an interpreter for any language

YOU set up video conferencing, conference calls and rooms anywhere in the world

All of the benefits listed above are just some of the numerous ways Atkinson-Baker can dramatically cut your depo scheduling time — something we are extremely effective at and sincerely enjoy doing.

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A Sigh of Relief

Earlier this year, a manager at Atkinson-Baker received a dramatic call. The woman on the other end was so frantic and hurried that the A-B manager could barely understand her words. The caller explained that she misplaced a transcript that her attorney needed in fifteen minutes and she was calling for help on how to download it online. She had to get him what he needed and wanted to do so without him knowing she had misplaced it in the first place!

It took just a few short minutes over the phone for our manager to walk her through the simple online process of downloading transcripts from our website. This feature of the ABI website is only one of many convenient, easy ways to manage your depositions throughout the entire process.

With a fresh transcript in hand, the secretary was extremely grateful that she met her deadline and relieved that her attorney didn’t ever have to know about the error.Yes, having a housekeeper clean your house is a good thing, but having time to do everything your job requires is a better thing and we can help make that happen. We want to make that happen because it’s what we do best!

By Sheila Atkinson-Baker

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