The Reporter September 2017


The Reporter September 2017

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From the President


As we settle back in after the summer fun, I would like to remind you that our court reporters, conference rooms, videographers, and interpreters are globally available to you for your deposition needs.  You will benefit from the time we can save you in scheduling these services.

Please enjoy the collection of articles we have compiled for you this month.

Best regards,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker

Don’t Write Wrong: $10 Million Lawsuit Decided over Serial Comma

By Lindsey Dean, One Legal

Good grammar – following the rules for commas, punctuation, and sentence structure – is considered by many to be essential for effective writing.  But in the age of informal writing via texting, social media, and email, does grammar really matter for quality legal writing anymore?

Legally speaking, yes, it does.

In 2014, three Maine truck drivers sued their employer over more than four years of overtime pay that they had been denied.  The case didn’t hinge on whether or not the employees actually put in the overtime but rather centered on the lack of an Oxford (serial) comma in the state law describing overtime rules.

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Five Things to do before Giving an old iPhone or iPad to your Kid
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How to Change Specialties: Getting it Right the Second Time
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