The Reporter October 2017


The Reporter October 2017

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  • One or Two Spaces after the Period in Legal Documents?

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In this issue of The Reporter we have curated a collection of light-hearted and informational articles just for you.  I hope you enjoy them.

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Expert Solutions to Common Email Challenges

By Lindsey Dean

Around the office and with clients communication is key.  Email is the current king for external and internal discussion. Streamlining communication and overcoming common email challenges is one big step towards a law firm that is in sync and on top of all day-to-day needs.

So how do you make email work for you and your colleagues?

The Challenge: People aren’t Returning Emails

You’ve reached out with an important message to a colleague, a client, a new business partner, or another key connection, but they just aren’t getting back to you. How do you boost your email skills in order to get answers and communicate smoothly?

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One or Two Spaces after the Period in Legal Documents?
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Confusing Words of the Week
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