The Reporter – October 2019


The Reporter – October 2019

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  Helpful Information for Legal Professionals
  • Benefiting from Paraprofessionals in Your Law Firm
  • Build Your Leadership Skills to Thrive on the Job
  • Two Quick Tips to Improve Your Legal Writing
  • How to Do Fact Checking
  • How to Make a Document a Fillable Form

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Sheila Atkinson-Baker

Benefiting from Paraprofessionals in Your Law Firm

By One Legal

In the past few years, there has been a lot of buzz in the legal community about paraprofessionals and the ways they can enhance a law practice. For the uninitiated, a legal paraprofessional is someone who is trained to perform certain legal tasks but who is not licensed to practice law. 

Of course, we should take a moment to distinguish between a paraprofessional and a paralegal. While paralegals are obviously a type of paraprofessional, the paraprofessionals we are discussing in this article are a bit different. For example, they are typically trained to perform a limited set of tasks within a law firm. They haven’t necessarily received the level of education and training of a paralegal, nor are they always certified by any governing body. 

Nonetheless, paraprofessionals can be trained to perform any number of key functions within the law firm setting and can bring great efficiencies to the practice. Below we’ll discuss how paraprofessionals can impact your practice and when you should consider bringing them into your workplace. 

How paraprofessionals can impact a law firm

One of the greatest things about paraprofessionals is that they can be deployed to perform just about any task. Ultimately, their job is to support the attorneys in the firm. So perhaps one good way to approach the idea of hiring paraprofessionals is to ask yourself what daily tasks you need to make more efficient.  

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Build Your Leadership Skills to Thrive on the Job
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Two Quick Tips to Improve Your Legal Writing
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