The Reporter – November 2015


The Reporter – November 2015

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  Helpful Information for Legal Professionals
  • The Signature Toughness of Administrative Professionals
  • Be More Productive – Starting Today!
  • Crayons in the Briefcase: Overcoming Fear
  • Seven Delegation Tips for Administrative Assistants
  • Excel Tip – Insert Blanks into Every Other Row

From the President


With Thanksgiving approaching, we would like to express our appreciation for your loyalty and support this past year. Because we understand the discovery process is complex and challenging, our goal is to take the pressure off by handling your court reporting, interpreter, and video needs with responsiveness and ease for you.

I hope you continue to find the articles, tips, and tools in The Discovery Update helpful and that you will forward any useful information to your colleagues, as well.

Best regards,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker

The Signature Toughness of Administrative Professionals

By Courtney Clark

Any given day in the life of a National Association of Legal Secretaries member is the last-minute requests; the never-ending focus shifts; being the “go-to” person for any question, activity, or problem. And on top of it all, being expected to keep up a positive demeanor as the face of the leadership you represent.

How do the NALS members do it all?

The secret is resilience. Resilience is what allows us to bounce back quickly in the face of a setback.  Resilience is how we keep our perspective during a bad day. And resilience is what keeps us from burning out when the stress gets too high. When an organization brings me in to help their teams cope with change and challenge, I often find that a few focus shifts help a great deal to build resilience.  Read full article






Be More Productive –
Starting Today!

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Crayons in the Briefcase: Overcoming Fear
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