The Reporter Newsletter – November 2009


The Reporter Newsletter – November 2009

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November 2009

From the President

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, we want you to know that we do appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Because we know you have a choice when it comes to court reporting services, we will continue to make sure our services fill your needs at the highest quality level.

This month, our feature article An Online Comfort Zone for Firmshighlights how an easy-to-use online portal can help you in the deposition planning process. The Client Center allows firms to manage everything from calendaring depositions to keyword searching and downloading transcripts. We hope you find this article and the other contents in this month’s issue helpful to your practice.

Please let us know how we can help you or your staff with using the Client Center to plan your depositions, and send us any feedback you may have about this e-letter or our services, as we always want to hear from you.

Best regards,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker

An Online Comfort Zone for Firms

By Barbara LynchStaff Writer

“Are you Tweeting?”

That seems to be a popular question being asked in social circles. When I say “no” to that question and then top it off by saying that it’s still challenging for me to walk and “text” at the same time or that I don’t have a Facebook® page, people look at me like I was from a different planet. And, in today’s quickly evolving technical world, I sometimes feel I am from a different planet.

When I look back twenty years to my first job after college in a very large San Francisco law firm, I remember spending a lot of time doing administrative tasks that now are either non-existent or that take no time at all, due to modern technology.

Because using email in the office was barely on the scene back then, I had to make many phone calls to the same people and leave voicemails when they weren’t there. Then, when I would step out of my office, I would come back to their returned messages only to have to call them back again because nine times out of ten they didn’t give me the information I needed in the first place.

When I look back to the early `90s, I remember having to literally sit in front of the fax machine watching my ten-page fax go through the feeder with my fingers crossed, hoping that the pages didn’t stick together while it was sending.

Improved technology has assisted most communication tasks over the past two decades.  Now our communication is more instantaneous and efficient, streamlining the law firm working environment tremendously, especially throughout the litigation process.

Electronic Litigation

In the legal community, technology has grown over the years and now is heavily relied upon to make the litigation process run smoothly.

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An Online Comfort Zone for Firms

The Importance of Setting and Achieving Goals

E-Discovery Pitfalls and Practice Tips

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The Importance of Setting and Achieving Goals
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E-Discovery Pitfalls and Practice Tips
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He Sure Had Me WorriedIn a terrible accident at a railroad crossing, a train smashed into a car and pushed it nearly four hundred yards down the track. Though no one was killed, the driver of the car took the train company to court.At the trial, the engineer insisted that he had given the driver ample warning by waving his lantern back and forth for nearly a minute. He even stood and convincingly demonstrated how he’d done it. The court believed his story, and the suit was dismissed.”Congratulations,” the lawyer said to the engineer when it was over. “You did superbly under cross-examination.””Thanks,” he said, “but he sure had me worried.””How’s that?” the lawyer asked.

“I was afraid he was going to ask if the lantern was lit!”