The Reporter Newsletter – November 2008


The Reporter Newsletter – November 2008

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November 2008

From the President

Because we encourage feedback from you, our clients, we are able to create new, or improve on, our services and products based on what you need.

To that effect, we recently made a change in our litigation support product lineup and we are now sending a single CD with every transcript called Transcript Plus!

The CD includes transcripts in PDF format, condensed versions in PDF format, full ASCII files, E-transcript™(customized word search, printing and formatting options) and scanned exhibits in PDF format.

We hope this new product makes working with your transcripts that much easier and convenient.

Please don’t hesitate to email us with suggestions about either our services or this monthly e-letter, as it helps us tailor ourselves to fit you.

Best regards,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker

Litigation Support Spotlight:
A Chicago Paralegal’s Rewards and Challenges in Litigation

By Barbara Lynch, Staff Writer

“What was one of your most embarrassing moments?”

I think we all have been asked that question before. For me, quite honestly, besides accidentally pouring iced tea into a man’s coffee cup during my waitressing days, I really hadn’t experienced any red face-turning moments.

Until last week, that is.

As I do every month, I research specific topics and subject matter for this newsletter – areas of litigation support that you, our readers, will find helpful. In doing so this month, I came across Eric Baker, a 32- year old litigation paralegal at Reed Smith in Chicago.

Eric was featured on the Illinois Paralegal Association’s website which initially caught my attention. After curiously doing some more digging, I came to find out that he is the key contact person for the IPA with regard to the future of U.S. paralegal regulation. Between that important role and his daily work in the trenches of working for multiple litigators, I thought he’d be a good person to interview.

“Hello, this is Eric Baker,” I hear on the other end of the phone line.

“Hello, Eric,” I said with a very cheery and hopeful voice. “You don’t know me, but I found you on the Internet.. and …”

Before I could finish, I hear, “Click,” and then I hear what was unmistakably a dial tone.

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A Chicago Paralegal’s Rewards and Challenges in Litigation

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Those Appealing Lawyers


A litigant’s lawyer needs zeal
When he argues a client’s appeal.
Court reversals are healing For parties appealing, But cause their opponents to reel.