The Reporter Newsletter – Nov/Dec 2012


The Reporter Newsletter – Nov/Dec 2012

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Nov/Dec 2012

From the President

Having just celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday, we want you to know that we are very thankful for you and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Because we know you have a choice when it comes to court reporting services, we will continue to make sure our services fill your needs at the highest quality level.

We hope you find this article and the other contents in this month’s issue helpful to your practice. Please let us know how we can help you further or send us any feedback you may have about this e-letter or our services, as we always want to hear from you.

Best regards,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker

Introducing Helene L. Wood, PP, PLS-SC, TSC-RE, NALS – 2012-2013 President

By Betty Wells, PP, PLS, TSC-RE

The most impulsive thing Helene has ever been known to do is travel to Italy WITHOUT a preset itinerary or reservations other than the round trip flight. She does not have an iPod or iPad,and she uses her smartphone as just a telephone and to check the weather. She admits to failing miserably at Twitter and Facebook but says she can do FourSquare, sort of.

NALS Past President Patti Infanti, PP, PLS, has spent many years on the NALS Board with Helene and says that she and Helene are simpatico. Both are detail-oriented, methodical worker bees who thoroughly enjoy working on projects from start to finish. She has seen first-hand Helene’s willingness to learn and embrace new technology, thoughts, and ideas. She has found a wonderful friend in Helene and believes NALS members will find Helene personable and approachable. Plus, Helene loves cats and gardening—like Patti said, simpatico!

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Introducing Helene L. Wood, NALS 2012-2013 President

An Interview with Ralph Losey

Clear Your Mind

Our Filing Date Calculator Now Has State Holidays!

Preventing Edits to Bates Numbers Now with an Action

An Interview with Ralph Losey
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Clear Your Mind
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Our Filing Date Calculator Now Has State Holidays!
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Preventing Edits to Bates Numbers Now with an Action
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