The Reporter Newsletter – May 2008


The Reporter Newsletter – May 2008

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May 2008

From the President

We understand that the roles of legal professionals evolve, sometimes even overlap, and how your workload changes from day to day, depending on your attorneys’ and your clients’ needs.

That is why our highest goal is to improve our customer service and technology: so we can stay ahead of your busy and unpredictable work environment and make your deposition planning easier and more efficient.

Even though our feature article below highlights the working relationship between paralegals and attorneys, we hope that, no matter what role you have in your firm, you find this unique article and the tips and tools this month helpful and informative.

We continue to consistently provide first-class reporters and customer service to our clients, and we encourage you to send us feedback about how we can better serve you in existing and new ways.

Best regards,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker

Lawyers are From Mars and Paralegals are From Venus

By Cheryl J. Leone
CEO, Catalyst Group, Inc.

One thing I have learned during my 42 years of law office management is this: Lawyers and paralegals don’t talk the same language and they don’t think the same way. They live on different planets, breath different air, and they even have different customs. Yet, if there is ever a time and a place and a need for both to be on the same page, it is with the relationship and communication skills that exist between lawyers and paralegals.

Relationship skills and communication skills are not something you are taught to the degree needed for a good working relationship between two highly skilled professionals. Until such time as both sides step back and learn the art of business relationships, effective communication, and good feedback skills, the working relationship will suffer and both sides will have great stress.

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Lawyers are From Mars and Paralegals are From Venus”

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Can You Get Us a Reporter in Gardiner?
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