The Reporter Newsletter – March 2011


The Reporter Newsletter – March 2011

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March 2011

From the President

As we continue to stay in step with the rate of technology’s growth in the legal industry, we have recently added Mobile Transcript to our services and will continue including a CD of your transcripts and exhibits with every hard-copy transcript delivered.

We hope that our feature article this month,“Document Management – Practice Good Time Management and Organization Techniques,” will help you gain more insight into how to stay organized and on top of the mountains of electronic paperwork you have in front of you every day.

Please send us any feedback you may have regarding The Reporter, as our goal is to provide you with information you need.

Best regards,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker

Document Management – Practice Good Time Management and Organization Techniques

By Janet Baker, The Monticello Corporation

Managing paper in any office is an overwhelming task, because there is a seemingly ever-increasing mountain of paper files.

Whether you’re a small or large company, you must practice good time management and office organization techniques in order to control costs and provide excellent service. Constantly increasing staff productivity is a must. What is needed is a simple but effective document management solution.

David Lawrence of David Lawrence and Associates said in a previous article, “Consider how much it costs to maintain inefficient paperwork and filing systems. If, as a direct result of not having efficient systems, it costs you and/or your staff one hour each day (this is probably conservative), and you used a $50-per-hour cost factor over the course of an entire year, the cost of inefficiency could top $12,000 in lost time ($50 x five days per week x 48 weeks).

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The Paralegal’s Greatest Asset is the Legal Secretary

By USLegal Paralegals

When a paralegal first joins a firm, it is natural for the paralegal to look up to the lawyer as the mentor. After a few days, the paralegal soon learns that the nearest and most accessible mentor is his secretary.

Because the secretary is hidden behind the computer with a dangly headset, sandwiched between the file cabinets, do not think that this person is a mechanic. Not true. Given a few years’ experience, the legal secretary probably knows more about what goes on around the office than anyone else.

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Document Management – Practice Good Time Management and Organization TechniquesThe Paralegal’s Greatest Asset is the Legal Secretary

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Researching a Legal Question? A Guide to Legal Information
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Project Management
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Flatten Form Fields and Comments in PDF
Problem Solving Skills


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