The Reporter Newsletter – June 2008


The Reporter Newsletter – June 2008

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June 2008

From the President

As your tasks and projects are becoming more Internet based and some of you either already are or are becoming “techno-savvy,” services that you can access and manage online are becoming increasingly valuable.

That’s why our new website makes online scheduling, the downloading of transcripts, and managing your calendar extremely easy and convenient.

Our goal is to alleviate as much legwork on your end as possible when planning depositions, and from the feedback we are getting we are doing just that!

We hope you continue to take advantage of us and send us feedback about how we can better serve you. We also encourage you to submit your articles that you think will benefitThe Reporter‘s readers.

Best regards,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker

Technology and the Legal Profession – A Perfect Match

By Jane Muder
Featured Legal Author,

The law offices of yesterday were what are now known as “paper offices.” News stories, briefs, testimonies, and attorney billable hours were all recorded and displayed on pieces of paper.

In today’s digital age, we know that paper systems can cause money, time, and efficiency to be lost. Additional staff must be hired to manage paper documents, to file legal briefs, and to search for and/or catalog evidence. Losing a vital paper means that extra time and money must be spent tracking down a copy. Compiling billable hours by hand is time-consuming. And, paper-based case filing systems require large amounts of storage space to warehouse – which is expensive – and can require long bouts of human searching to retrieve necessary documents, which is time consuming.

Enter the electronic law firm, the digital courtroom, and the virtual database.

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Technology and the Legal Profession – A Perfect MatchMore Than Just a Great Court Reporter

Technology Impacts the Duties of Legal Secretaries

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More Than Just a Great Court Reporter
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Technology Impacts the Duties of Legal Secretaries
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Online PDF Conversion Tool
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