The Reporter E-Letter – Janaury 2014


The Reporter E-Letter – Janaury 2014

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Janaury 2014

From the President

With the beginning of a new year comes new goals for continuing to advance with steady momentum, in what has become a very competitive market for our clients and ourselves.

To help us ensure we are providing you with what you need, please let us know what we can do to improve. Your feedback will help us meet our goal to serve you in the best possible way.

We sincerely value your business.  We wish you the best in 2014, and we hope you and your firm prosper and grow throughout the year.

Best regards,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker

Ten Business Etiquette Tips

A workplace with rude, dismissive, or careless employees is one that is unproductive, unpleasant, and ripe for litigation. This sort of behavior internally spills over to customers eventually, and an insulted customer can easily find someone else to replace your services. Good business etiquette practices start from the top, but employees at every level can help promote good business etiquette.

Everyone Has a Role

When dealing with your own employees, remember that every person in the company, from the CEO to the mail clerk, can affect every other person. All employees’ jobs are interconnected, and the person you may be dismissive of today could have information that is relevant to you tomorrow.

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Ten Business Etiquette Tips

Tackle the Overload of Information

Three Useful Tips for MS Word

Tackle the Overload of Information
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Three Useful Tips for MS Word
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