The Reporter Newsletter – February 2008


The Reporter Newsletter – February 2008

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February 2008

From the President

We know first hand how important technology is to the legal industry and how critical electronic systems are in providing the best service possible.

For this reason, we continue to improve our technology so we can better serve you and help you be more efficient. Next month, you will see a big change in our website. Not only will it look more professional, it will be much more user friendly and you will be able to get what you need more quickly.

As always, we welcome your suggestions and comments about this e-newsletter, and we also encourage you to let us know how we can improve our technology to better suit your needs.

Best regards,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker

The Evolution of the Paralegal and Their Future Sophistication in Florida

By Sterling Wheeler Dixon, CBA, CP
Certified Bankruptcy Assistant/Certified Paralegal

I am a paralegal. To be more precise, a litigation paralegal, but a paralegal just the same. My first legal job was for Orange County back in the early 1980s, and once I started in the legal field it did not take long for me to determine that was exactly where I wanted to be.

I began my career in the legal field as a legal secretary.  The terms “legal assistant” and “paralegal” were fairly new, and since no real hands-on knowledge or basis had been established for those job positions back in the 1980s, very few were afforded either of the titles.  Those who held either title usually had graduated from an educating institution with general legal knowledge and possessed little, if any, on-the-job training when they began their first job.

It was also the time when lawyers (or those electing to use the term “attorney”) were, for the most part, men.  Women who held juris doctorates were just beginning to make a significant establishment in the legal community.  It was growing experience for everyone: lawyers and legal support staff alike.

I worked up through the ranks, as they say, as the paralegal profession matured and became more sophisticated.
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The Evolution of the Paralegal and Their Future Sophistication in Florida

A Legal Secretary’s View of Women in Law

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A Legal Secretary’s View of Women in Law
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Find Public Records by State
I’m beginning to think that my lawyer is too interested in making money.

Why do you say that?

Listen to this from his bill: ‘For waking up at night and thinking about your case: $25.00’.

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