The Reporter E-Letter – December 2013


The Reporter E-Letter – December 2013

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December 2013

From the President

We are very grateful this holiday season for the opportunities to provide you with the full spectrum of court reporting services nationwide.

Working with you has been very rewarding to us as we continue to strive to give you the best quality of service possible and to stay one step ahead of your needs.

As always, we welcome suggestions or comments you may have, or you can submit articles you have written that you feel would benefit other legal professionals.

Best regards,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker

Can You Hear Me Now? Five Tips for Effective Client Communication

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw

Those legal professionals who are effective in client communications are those who stop, for just a moment, to reflect upon who their clients are, the client’s personal makeup, and whether they are in the legal field familiar with legal terminology. To be effective is knowing that both the receiver and the communicator’s interests and backgrounds are considered.  That means a good communicator has listened to his receiver.

Clients always prefer appropriate language that meets their level of understanding and expectations while avoiding ambiguous and complex words, technical jargon, and the sometimes easily adaptable “art” of a full explanation but condescending attitude. No one I know thinks that they communicate unclearly and without direction.  You write and speak in a manner that you understand is correct.  In a sense, it’s like describing chocolate.  Until you’ve tasted the real thing, it’s impossible to describe.

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Can You Hear Me Now? Five Tips for Effective Client Communication

Missing the Message

Witness to History: 30 Years as a White House Steno

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Missing the Message
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Witness to History: 30 Years as a White House Steno”
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