The Reporter Newsletter – December 2011


The Reporter Newsletter – December 2011

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December 2011

From the President

Because we know that you are an important part of the litigation process, we continue to provide you with useful tips, tools, and information in our e-newsletters that we hope you can use.

This month we included articles on how multi-generational office workers can work well together and an article on Realtime reporting. We also included some tips for iPad and Adobe users.

As always, we invite you to send us any articles or tips you may have regarding the discovery process so we can share them with our readers.

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Can You Say “Millennial”? Law Firm Employees Learn to All Get Along

At a dinner the other night, I realized (possibly for the first time) that generational differences in communication absolutely existed.  It started when a group of Millennials at the far end of the table were discussing Kardashian’s spilt from her husband of 72 days, the reported $17 million earned working up towards the $10 million wedding (netting an assumed profit of $7 mil to get dressed up and have a little fun) and whether the whole thing was fake or real.

In the meantime, at the other end of the table, a group of  Baby Boomer friends began to chat about issues of the day that were important to them:  Zantac, Phazyme and Breathe Right Strips.

What brought my sudden awareness about was a book I was asked to review by Jim Finkelstein, called “Fuse” that talks about the differences between employees fresh out of school and their more seasoned counterparts.  Until dinner of the other night, I had pretty much been ignoring the mashup that fuses the experience and command of Boomers with the techno-smart and boundary-less thought of Millennials.

“Know thyself,” the sages advise. And they also like its corollary, “Know thy neighbor.” Excellent advice if you are a paralegal working in a law firm that brings on both Boomers and Millennials – a sure thing if the firm recruits first years. Here is one place where the more you know, the more effective you become.

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Can You Say “Millennial”? Law Firm Employees Learn to All Get AlongAre Good Manners a Requirement for Business Success?

Courtroom Gets “Real”: Circuit Court Judge Makes Use of Realtime…

iPad Tip: Build a Mobile Law Library with GoodReader

Batch Printing an Email Portfolio

Are Good Manners a Requirement for Business Success?
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Courtroom Gets “Real”: Circuit Court Judge Makes Use of Realtime…
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iPad Tip: Build a Mobile Law Library with GoodReader
Batch Printing an Email Portfolio



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Leon Czolgosz
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John Hinckley, Jr.
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3) What national landmark opened in Washington D.C. in 1922?
The Pentagon
The Washington Monument
The Lincoln Memorial
The Jefferson Memorial

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1910, 1920, 1930 or 1940?

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