The Reporter Newsletter – August 2011


The Reporter Newsletter – August 2011

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August 2011

From the President

This month’s issue includes a lighthearted article on managing stress and an article on methods of backing up your work, among others.

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Stressed Out and Going Nowhere

By Chere Estrin,
The Estrin Report

Being a tad stressed out lately, I decided to research the topic and, unfortunately, came up with the same old boring routine run-of-the-mill suggestions. There’s nothing worse than for stressed out paralegals and legal professionals to read another article on stress that tells you to:

  1. Take a break. (Right. With that pile of work on my desk, my boss breathing down my neck, I’m gonna take a break.)
  2. Take a walk outside. (It’s 115 degrees here. You take the walk.)
  3. Meditate. (That brings me right back to obsessing on what’s stressing me.)
  4. Take a bubble bath. (I have arthritis in my knees. You get in and out of that tub. Me?  I’m not getting in there and then have to have the fire department come and get me out. No, sir.)
  5. Eat chocolate. (Sure. What’s another 50 pounds?)

I thought I’d stumbled upon something new when I read one article that said to keep a log. The log should have three columns: Time, My Plan, What Actually Happened.

So I started the log:

9:00  My Plan: Write a Press Release.

What Actually Happened: Client calls. Yaks for an hour.  What could I say? It’s a paying client.

10:00  My Plan:  Write syllabus for OLP e-Discovery Training Course.

What  Actually Happened: Husband pulls back out of whack while trying to demonstrate how he used to do the limbo when he was five. Try getting a 6 foot, 249 lb., 58 year-old man up off the floor. Took an hour.

You get the picture. It was only making me more stressed. So I came up with my own ways to just eliminate stress altogether.

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Stressed Out and Going NowhereMethods of Backing Up Work

Why Did I Become a Paralegal?

Quick Access to Frequently Used Stamps

Fastcase Unveils One-Click Printing of Any Case from Any Source

Methods of Backing Up Work
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Why Did I Become a Paralegal?
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Quick Access to Frequently Used Stamps
Fastcase Unveils One-Click Printing of Any Case from Any Source


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