The Reporter Newsletter – April 2009


The Reporter Newsletter – April 2009

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April 2009

From the President

First, I’d like to wish you a “Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day,” which you will be celebrating on the 22nd of this month. We know how important your role is both to the attorneys directly and to your firm’s productivity. You are heavily relied upon to keep things organized and efficient and, for that, we commend you!

Our goal is always to serve you better and your answer to this question will help us do just that: What one thing bothers you the most about the deposition process or court reporting? We hope you take a quick minute to respond, as it will help us tailor our services to better fit your needs.

As always, we welcome your suggestions and comments to The Reporter, and we encourage you to send in articles you have written or humorous tidbits for “The Lighter Side of Legal.”

Best regards,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker

Simple Technology in Litigation

By Barbara Lynch, Staff Writer

Recently I came across a short piece spotlighting Chicago’s Bartlit, Beck, Herman, Palenchar & Scott (The American Lawyer’s 2008 Litigation Boutique of the Year) whose high-tech backbone drives their trial preparation and gives them the edge in their trial presentations.

Philip Beck, one of the firm’s top litigators, gave his view on why his firm is different than others when working with technology:

“We are all hands-on users of technology, both for trial preparation and trial presentation. In the office (including remote trial offices) we have immediate access to whatever information has been stored on the computers, and we can sort it and analyze it instantaneously, without waiting for help from support personnel.

Most senior litigators are still pretty computer illiterate, at least when it comes to anything beyond e-mail. A lot of younger litigators are adept at back-office technology, but few of them can do anything more than run through a PowerPoint show in the courtroom.”

Beck’s insight is reminiscent of how many firms are stepping up their technology game not only in the courtroom, but during the entire litigation process as well.

Keeping Up with Technology = A Leg Up

At what level attorneys stay on top of technological advancements in the litigation process can very well determine if they stay ahead of the opponent or not, and, as a result, it possibly lends itself to bringing more suits to resolutions in their favor.

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Simple Technology in Litigation

Tips for Working with Foreign Language Clients

Discovery in Civil Litigation Cases: Top Ten Tips

How to Bates Stamp PDFs

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Tips for Working with Foreign Language Clients
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Discovery in Civil Litigation Cases: Top Ten Tips
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How to Bates Stamp PDFs
A witness was called to the stand to testify about a head-on automobile collision.”Whose fault was this accident?” the lawyer asked.”As near as I could tell,” replied the witness, “they hit each other at about the same time.”

In a courtroom, a purse snatcher is on trial and the victim is stating what happened.

She says, “Yes, that is him. I saw him clear as day. I’d remember his face anywhere.”

At which point, the defendant bursts out, “You couldn’t see my face, lady. I was wearing a mask!”