The Reporter – May 2020


The Reporter – May 2020

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  Helpful Information for Legal Professionals
  • Zoom Videoconferencing 101
  • How to Conduct a Successful Virtual Meeting
  • How to Separate or Combine PDF Documents before Filing
  • Staying Connected with your Law Firm Team
  • Robocalls and How to Combat Them

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For this edition, we have gathered up articles which we hope will help with ideas about how to coordinate activities in your firm. While we continue to face new work challenges, there are options for keeping the work getting done and for keeping the cases moving along.


Sheila Atkinson-Baker

Zoom Videoconferencing 101

By Nicole Black

It’s been a few weeks since we collectively began to “shelter in place.” Working from home has become the newfound reality for many lawyers.  Many of you are likely in the process of trying to determine how to work remotely both effectively and efficiently.

As you put systems in place to facilitate practicing law virtually, video conferencing has undoubtedly become a central part of your remote workflow arsenal. And if videoconferencing is new to you, you’re probably using Zoom, which is arguably the most popular platform for video meetings, since it’s both affordable and user friendly.

Because so many people are using Zoom these days, I figured it was high time I shared a Zoom primer. So without further ado, here’s what you need to know to Zoom like an expert.

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How to Conduct a Successful Virtual Meeting
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How to Separate or Combine PDF Documents before Filing
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