The Reporter – July 2019


The Reporter – July 2019

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  Helpful Information for Legal Professionals
  • Four Fast and Easy Ways to Access Court Records
  • Seven Tips to Declutter Your Calendar
  • The Six “Cs” of a Successful Legal Professional
  • iPhone Tip: I’m on My Way
  • Bear with me or Bare with me?

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Please enjoy this month’s articles with tips on how to help you in your career and to succeed in the workplace.

Have a fun July!

Sheila Atkinson-Baker

Four Fast and Easy Ways to Access Court Records

By Jennifer Anderson

In the past, that information was just as important to attorneys and other legal professionals as it is today. Back then, however, you had to send a staff member down to the courthouse, hope they had sufficient research skills to sniff out the information you needed, wait for them to have the clerk pull physical files for copying, and wait some more while they drove that information back to the office for your review. And if the information you needed was located in another county or state? Well, the wait was just that much longer. The whole process could also become prohibitively expensive. 

Fortunately, those days are over. Today, there are a plethora of both paid and free internet sites where you can obtain all the records you can dream up in a relatively short period of time. Here are some of our favorite sites for accessing case records. 

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Seven Tips to Declutter Your Calendar
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The Six “Cs” of a Successful LegalProfessional
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