The Reporter April 2017


The Reporter April 2017

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From the President


If you have not yet experienced it, try our web conferencing service the next time your attorney is unable to travel to a remote deposition. This service allows attorneys to conduct depositions from the convenience of a laptop, desktop, or a mobile device, while remaining in their office.

The court reporter will set up a web conferencing connection via a communication app. The witness is located at the same location as the court reporter, allowing attorneys to remain at their offices while conducting the deposition.

Features include:
• Improved law firm efficiency due to time saved
• Significant cost savings on travel and equipment
• Great ease of use; special equipment is not required

Try it!

Best regards,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker

Videoconferencing vs. Web Conferencing


Fortunately, attorneys have options when it comes to deciding the best way to make a deposition accessible and efficient for all parties involved.  Videoconferencing and web conferencing are two great options for achieving these goals, albeit with stark differences.

 Key Differences Between Videoconferencing and Web Conferencing

Videoconferencing is a court reporting service that conducts a deposition in a room specially designed for videoconferencing purposes, complete with a large wall screen and a reliable, hard-wired connection.  Effectively, videoconferencing is capable of providing real-time, two-way audio/video communication between two or more locations.  As such, specialized equipment is provided on both or multiple ends in order to establish a successful connection.

By contrast, web conferencing assists the taking of depositions with attorneys and/or the witness in remote locations from each other.  The witness in question will be located at the same location as the court reporter, while the attorneys may be located remotely.  This remote location functionality allows attorneys to conduct a deposition from the convenience of their law firm, so long as they are using an application such as LiveLitigation, GoToMeeting, or a similar communication app.

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