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The Discovery Update

Mobile to the Mainstream

By Craig Ball Once you’ve preserved the contents of a mobile device, how do you extract responsive content in forms…

The GDPR: More a Collaboration Opportunity than a Data Hindrance?

By Zach Warren, LegalTech News

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Take Control of Your eDiscovery

By ZyLAB eDiscovery is one of those tasks nearly everyone is happy to hand off to someone – anyone –…

The Most Important eDiscovery Cases of 2018 (So Far)

By Casey Sullivan 2018 has been an unusually quiet year for 

6 Keys to Consider When Evaluating eDiscovery Review Platforms

By Kelly Twigger Technology of review software is constantly evolving, and many platforms are moving to the cloud. Firms that…

The Dark Side of Cloud Computing

By Sharon Nelson and John Simek We have said for many years that the cloud will generally protect a…

Need Help Finding eDiscovery and Legal Tech Software? Here’s Your Guide.

By Kelly Twigger One of the most difficult things about the explosion of legal technology is that it is a…

Videoconferencing vs. Web Conferencing

Videoconferencing vs. Web Conferencing Fortunately, attorneys have options when it comes to deciding the best way to make a deposition…

A Quick Reference Guide to Understanding eDiscovery Pricing

By Kelly Twigger One of the biggest challenges in purchasing ediscovery services is trying to make an apples-to-apples comparison between…

Why I Love Predictive Coding: Making Document Review Fun Again

By Ralph Losey Many lawyers and technologists like predictive coding and recommend it to their colleagues. They have good reasons….

Wait. No, Go. Wait. No, Go. Striking the Balance on when to Incur Costs For eDiscovery

By Kelly Twigger Ah, the mad scramble of ediscovery. You know what I’m talking about — where the client wants to…

Foreign Language Document Review

The first foreign language lawsuit I worked on as an attorney was an international price fixing case with defendants…

What to do After an Inadvertent Production

The inadvertent production of privileged discovery can be a significant challenge both legally and technically. Was the privilege waived…

Time To Change Your eDiscovery Mindset

Well, it’s happened.  ATL has asked me to write about ediscovery, a topic that many lawyers are tired of…

eDiscovery Processing: Seven Tips for Reducing Stress (and Spend)

In eDiscovery good processing decisions early on can make a big difference. The collection is done and you finally have…

Five Tips to Avoid Mistakes in Electronic Document Review

These tips are based on a long life of litigation legal practice, including thousands of document reviews going back…

E-Discovery: A Primer for Litigators

 I’ve been to a number of e-discovery CLEs where they say something like: “The iterative process of phased…

Stop Equating eDiscovery With Data. It’s Not That Simple

There’s a fairly common theme to those who dislike electronic discovery:  It’s too expensive and just ramps up the…

Rule 26 and How it Applies to Electronically Stored Information

Electronic discovery (a/k/a ediscovery and e-discovery) is the process of identifying, preserving, collecting, preparing, reviewing

What Lawyers are Really Asking About eDiscovery Behind Closed Doors

I recently participated in the San Francisco Exchange program put on by Today’s General Counsel, along with Bob Little,…