The Discovery Update – November 2008


The Discovery Update – November 2008

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November 2008

From the President

Because we encourage feedback from you, our clients, we are able to create new, or improve on, our services and products based on what you need.

To that effect, we recently made a change in our litigation support product lineup and we are now sending a single CD with every transcript called Transcript Plus!

The CD includes transcripts in PDF format, condensed versions in PDF format, full ASCII files, E-transcript™(customized word search, printing and formatting options) and scanned exhibits in PDF format.

We hope this new product makes working with your transcripts that much easier and convenient.

Please don’t hesitate to email us with suggestions about either our services or this monthly e-letter, as it helps us tailor ourselves to fit you.

Best regards,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker

A Low Tech Advantage in a High Tech World

By Barbara Lynch, Staff Writer

Today’s technology certainly is cutting edge and it’s advancing at a very quick pace. We are continually introduced to new techno-gadgets and electronic ways of communication which, only naturally, is overshadowing the more simple “technology” from yesteryear that still exists and is still quite useful.

Remember rotary phones that were attached to the wall? They once were sufficient. How about the time when the only button on the TV was the On/Off button?  So simple.  And the days when handwritten letters were commonplace? Oh, how uniquely special that was.

Today’s world of technology promises to make our lives more organized and efficient, but does it really? In some cases, the older (what now seems almost archaic) technology choice can be the wiser choice.

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Deciding Who To Depose (part one)

By Stewart Weltman, Esq.

This article is about deciding who should or should not be deposed during discovery.  Most lawyers will look at the written discovery (interrogatory answers provided by the other side identifying who may have information about the facts and the other’s side’s document production) along with information provided to them by the client and then depose anyone who has had any connection to the case whatever.

The etiology of this practice has, in part, to do with the fact that, for years, many defense practitioners had virtually unlimited budgets that allowed them to leave no stone unturned.

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A Low Tech Advantage in a High Tech World

Deciding Who to DeposeBreaking through the Inaccessibility Wall

Expert Deposition: Pay Attention to the Dates on the Expert’s CV

Tips for Preparing Your Corporate Witness for Deposition

Schedule Your Depo Now!

Breaking through the Inaccessibility Wall
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Expert Deposition: Pay Attention to the Dates on the Expert’s CV
Tips for Preparing Your Corporate Witness for Deposition
Those Appealing Lawyers

A litigant’s lawyer needs zeal When he argues a client’s appeal. Court reversals are healing For parties appealing, But cause their opponents to reel.