The ABI Reporter – November 2018


The ABI Reporter – November 2018

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  • Ghastly Grammar Gremlins
  • What’s Your Angle?
  • Take Your Business to the Next Level
  • Captioning Word of the Month:  Flea Flicker
  • “Yes” and “No” and Their Friends
  • Dropbox:  Getting Started, Sharing, and Making the Most of It
  • How to Use a Foot Pedal with a Videographer’s Audio

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Here are some “easy-reading” articles this month, chosen to help you with your transcript production. Enjoy and have a great holiday!

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Ghastly Grammar Gremlins

By National Court Reporters Association

When it comes to transcripts, it pays to watch for these grammar gremlins. NCRA’s Proofreading Advisory Council made a list of the ghastliest grammar and spelling errors it has seen. Be warned: These are the kinds of errors that might drive your favorite court reporter, captioner, scopist, or proofreader insane!

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What's Your Angle?

By National Court Reporters Association

The late blues musician Albert King was known for simply flipping his guitar and playing upside down in order to strike the bass E-string at the top of the instrument, while icon rocker the late Jimi Hendrix used right-handed guitars but re-strung them for left-hand playing to create his legendary sound.

In the court reporting and captioning field, veteran court reporter Tami Frazier, RMR, CRR, an official from Murrieta, CA, tilts her steno machine away from her for better comfort and to ensure quick and accurate strokes in her daily work.

Dubbed the Tami Tilt by many of her peers, the JCR Weekly reached out to Frazier to learn more about her signature steno machine slant. We also followed up with Rich Germosen, RMR, CRR, a freelance court reporter and agency owner from North Brunswick, N.J., and a close friend of Frazier, to learn more about how she has inspired him to use the Tami Tilt.

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Captioning Word of the Month

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Take Your Business to the Next Level
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“Yes” and “No” and Their Friends

Dropbox: Getting Started, Sharing, and Making the Most of It

How to Use a Foot Pedal with a Videographer’s Audio

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