The ABI Reporter E-Letter – October 2013


The ABI Reporter E-Letter – October 2013

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Real-time Competition Got You Nervous? You Got This! High Speed Chase The Importance of Proofreading

Nine Ways for Court Reporters to Relieve Stress

My “Secret” for Better Realtime

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From the President

As we continue to adhere to our standard of excellence at Atkinson-Baker, I am happy that you are a part of our team. I want to share this outstanding praise report from Joi Jibotion, one of our Los Angeles Client Services Directors, which confirms that the reporter’s hard work and expertise doesn’t go unnoticed by our clients and that they appreciate quickness and competence in today’s busy legal environment.

“I met again with the attorneys at a large firm here in Los Angeles yesterday, and we are set for trial using our court reporter Sue Patterson. The sole reason the firm chose ABI to handle this trial is because of Sue! The attorney said that he and two other attorneys met Sue when she was secured by opposing counsel at a previous trial they were involved with. He said she is HANDS DOWN the best reporter he has worked with, and the other attorneys agreed. He said the reason being is that Sue is super knowledgeable about realtime and very fast and adept at hooking it up and assisting all the attorneys.

“He kept using words like ‘amazing’ to describe Sue and said ‘I can’t tell you just how phenomenal Sue is!’ twice. He said all the attorneys loved her! And let me tell you this is one very, very high end law firm that is not easily impressed. Sue must be amazing! I wish I could meet her and thank her myself! I have never encountered such praise for an individual reporter!”

Thank you, Sue, for your impressive representation of our profession! As always, I invite you to send us any articles or tips you may have regarding reporting so we can share them in future issues. Best regards, Sheila

Real-time Competition Got You Nervous? You Got This!

By Tammy Milcowitz, RMR, CRR, CBC, CCP

Last July during the NCRA convention in Philadelphia I found myself in a room filled with people I was sure were the people who SHOULD be in that room, who DESERVED to be in that room, and who were good enough to be in that room. What in the world was I doing in a room filled with speed champions, real-time competition champions, and CART providers and captioners, who I was certain were much better than I? I felt intimidated and scared, and my hands were shaking so badly that I thought there was no way I would ever even hit one key right. Why in the world had I committed to doing this real-time competition? Read full article

High Speed Chase

By Dom Tursi

When I hear talk about amazing shorthand speeds, it always stirs my professional passions. The ambitious goal of 400 wpm is now on the horizon as the speed zenith of 2013. This has rekindled memories of speed contest thrills and evoked a desire to share my historical shorthand knowledge as director of the Gallery of Shorthand. There has always been fascination with man’s ability to write faster than most can speak. Noted fourth century Roman poet Decimus Magnus Ausonius, astonished by the skill of his amanuensis, felt compelled to comment, “I wish I could think as rapidly as you write. … How is it that what my mouth has not yet expressed has already arrived at your ears?” Read full article

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“The Importance of Proofreading

Read Article » “Nine Ways for Court Reporters to Relieve Stress Read Article »

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