The ABI Reporter E-Letter – November 2011


The ABI Reporter E-Letter – November 2011

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Dealing with Negative People
Finding a Scopist
Reporting the Michael Jackson Trial – Part One
Reporting the Michael Jackson Trial – Part Two
Proofreading Tips
10 Email Organization Tips
From the President

Atkinson-Baker wants to continue to help you grow in your profession and fine-tune your court reporting skills. We hope this quarterly e-letter will provide useful articles, information, tips and tools every step of the way.

TechCon (February 24-26, 2012) will be the newest gathering of court reporters, Certified Legal Video Specialists, trial presentation professionals, lawyers and legal technology professionals in the country. We encourage you to attend this event, which will include numerous workshops and special programs, and will “offer unparalleled opportunities for those in the legal technology field to conceive, evolve and invent.”

We have been honored to serve the legal profession for over twenty years, and we are very happy to have you on our team!

Best regards,

Sheila Atkinson-Baker


Dealing with Negative People

By Sarah Jeffrey-Gray

We spend more time at work than at home with our family or out with our friends. The relationships which we have at work (whether with clients or colleagues) and how we react to the people involved make a significant contribution to our overall happiness and sense of well-being. Whilst some work relationships may build to become friendships outside work, friendship is not necessary for a successful work relationship.

So what are the essential ingredients for successful work relationships?
The main ones are:

• Common aims and values in the work context

• Professional respect for oneself as well as others

• Working well as a team

• Good anger and conflict management skills (including assertiveness skills)

• The ability to inoculate oneself against negative people

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Finding a Scopist

In surveys conducted last Fall and Spring, many of you mentioned that a key element in ensuring that your transcripts were done on time was to have a good scopist and proofreader. A common question that also came up, however, was “How do I find a scopist?” Even reporters who normally do their own scoping like to have the security of a competent backup for when things get busy.

From our viewpoint, we are always working to keep you busy, and the most important thing in attracting and keeping a client is an accurate transcript delivered on time. If you went to a restaurant and they told you that you would have to wait to be served because there were other customers who were more important than you, you would probably leave right then or at least never come back.

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Higher Standards for Better ServiceSM

Valuable Information at Your Fingertips
Reporting the Michael Jackson Trial – Part One

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Reporting the Michael Jackson Trial – Part Two
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Smarter Tools


Proofreading Tips

10 Email Organization Tips

The Lighter Side of Legal

“The law will never make a man free; it is men who have got to make the law free.”

-Henry David Thoreau

“No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey it.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

“There seems to be a law that governs all our actions so I never make plans.”

-Greta Garbo

“The law: it has honored us; may we honor it.”

-Daniel Webster

“The magistrates are the ministers for the laws, the judges their interpreters, the rest of us are servants of the law, that we all may be free.”

– Marcus Tulius Cicero,

(106-43 BC) writer, politician and great Roman orator

“The clearest way to show what the rule of law means to us in everyday life is to recall what has happened when there is no rule of law.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower


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