The ABI Reporter E-Letter – January 2013


The ABI Reporter E-Letter – January 2013

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Is Your Dictionary Getting in the Way of Realtime?
Challenging Negative Self-Talk
Text on Top – Review
Time Savers and Tips
Tools for Smarter Planning
From the President

As we launch into the coming year, I hope you have cleaned your slate on past decisions and failures and have taken the time to put some fresh, pro-survival goals there for 2013. We have gathered together some articles and links to tools which may assist you with improving your efficiency and, therefore, your production.

I would encourage you to consider attending the April 2013 TechCon convention.
It’s always enlightening, as well as fun, to join other reporters for laughs and networking and to learn about the latest developments in the profession. It never hurts to get away for a couple of days, when searching out fresh, new viewpoints.

Please take a moment to scan through this selection. And don’t forget to send me feedback about subjects you would like to read about in the future.

I very much appreciate your past contributions to our team and look forward to a huge increase in prosperity this year for you and for court reporting.

Best regards,


Is Your Dictionary Getting in the Way

of Realtime?

By Anissa R. Nierenberger

When the National Court Reporters Association launched the Writing our Future initiative, it set for members a lofty goal: get everyone to write realtime. Anyone who attended last year’s NCRA annual convention in Las Vegas got that message again — big time.
The realtime goal is its number one priority.

Right now, though, only 37% of reporters are realtime writers. That’s a 63% deficit NCRA needs to overcome. Impossible? No. It’s just going to take time and some persuasion; but, one by one, it shouldn’t take long for everyone to come on board. At least not once everyone understands realtime’s benefits and how logical it is to get realtime ready. Read full article

Challenging Negative Self-Talk

By Sarah Jeffrey-Gray

There are times when we talk to ourselves critically. Perhaps we just think it, or perhaps we voice it out loud. “I’ll never get this right.” “I’m such an idiot.”

Phrases like this are a sure sign that emotional hijacking is at work. If we become aware that this is going on, however, we can challenge the thought rather than become a helpless victim to it. Challenging allows us to better control our emotions. The emotions are sure to be giving us some message, but the real message is more than likely to be obscured by emotional hijacking, and so we risk misinterpreting what is actually going on. Read full article »

Valuable Information at Your Fingertips

“Text on Top – Review”

Read Article »

“Time Savers and Tips”

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Smarter Tools
The Lighter Side of Legal


There is a man stuck in a room with two doors.

In those two doors are the following:
In the first, a sun that will toast anyone that enters. In the second, a fire breathing dragon that smites anyone in the room.

How does the man escape?


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