The ABI Reporter Newsletter-February, 2008


The ABI Reporter Newsletter-February, 2008

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More Free Time, Less Stress and More Money!
Finding Your Perfect Match
Making More for Your Time
Complete Court Reporter’s Libraryl
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Atkinson-Baker wants to continue to help you grow in your profession and fine-tune your court reporting skills. We hope this quarterly e-letter will provide useful articles, information, tips and tools every step of the way.

The NCRA Midyear Conference will be held in Boston,

4-6th. You won’t want to miss this year’s dynamic seminar program and the valuable networking opportunities they have to offer. Read the latest information on your State’s Court Reporters Association website to get more insight on what’s happening in your region.

We have been honored to serve the legal profession for over twenty years and we are grateful to have you on our team!

With warm regards,

Sheila Atkinson-Baker

More Free Time, Less Stress and More Money!


More free time, less stress AND more money?  That doesn’t seem right, does it? Aren’t being stressed and having no free time two of the sacrifices that are necessary for court reporters to make if they are to earn more money?

The answer is definitely no.

The idea for this article came about when I recently met someone at a mutual friend’s bridal luncheon in Pasadena.  During the luncheon, after I got back from the buffet with my delicious baked salmon lunch, Samantha sat next to me and introduced herself.

We started with small talk, but, by the time the cheesecake cart came by, it was as if we had known each other for years.  Our conversation went from the general idle chatter to the depths of family, career and balancing the two.

Myself, having been a court reporter, wife and mother of two for over a decade, and Samantha, reporting for only two years, newly married with a newborn at home, ended up having quite a lot to talk about. We also both enjoyed the decadent food during our time together just as much as the fruitful conversation, so it was definitely a mealtime to be remembered. Read full article

Hire a Scopist – Earn More Money


The relationship you have with a scopist is a very valuable partnership and should be treated as such. Partnering with scopists provides many benefits without sacrificing the quality of your transcripts.

A Win-Win

By employing a scopist, you can, on average, accept two more depositions a week than without using a scopist. Scoping transcripts tends to take whole days away from some reporters which can be very frustrating and can easily cause a backup in the workload and missed income.

The Most Cost-Efficient Use of Your Time


Using a scopist benefits you in three very valuable ways:

1) You earn more because you now use the time to take more depositions instead of scoping your own transcripts. (income outweighs the expense);

2) You have more freedom to choose time with your children, family and friends or pursuing a hobby or even going away for long weekends; and

3) Quicker transcript turnaround which is key to client satisfaction.
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Valuable Information at Your Fingertips
“Who Says Long Distance Relationships Don’t Work?”

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“Finding Your
Perfect Match”

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“Making More for
Your Time”

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Tools for Smarter Planning
Finding a Scopist
Court Reporter Reference Books & CDs

Nine Tips for Balancing Your Home and Business Life Under One Roof
The Lighter Side of Legal




Charles Dickens’ early days as a court reporter in London’s Parliament became a subplot in David Copperfield.

The court reporters in the O.J. Simpson trial took down more than 1 million lines of trial transcript.

Actor Harvey Keitel began his professional career as a court reporter at Century Reporting Company in New York City.

The court reporter who accompanied Richard Nixon during part of his 1968 presidential campaign delivered transcripts of television show appearances to the media faster than the networks.

A former stenographer for Paramount Pictures founded the Mattel Company and introduced the world to the Barbie doll.

The federal judge who later became the first commissioner of baseball began his career as a court reporter.

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