The ABI Reporter E-Letter – August 2011


The ABI Reporter E-Letter – August 2011

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• Doing Things Carefully
• Why Punctuality Matters
• Methods of Backing Up Work
• Heroes in the Field:The Story of Glenda Cook
• 10 Unknown Google Tips
From the President


This issue covers a variety of topics covering doing a professional job.

It is intended to acknowledge our reporters who consistently service the clients in a friendly manner and get out an accurate and timely transcript.

It is in the interest of each one of us to do so, as it promotes good client relations and keeps the work flowing in.

Thank you for all you do! Please let me know any successful actions you have, so we can pass them along to other reporters.

Best regards,

Doing Things Carefully

My brother Dave has the attitude. I first noticed it twenty years ago when he showed me the boat he’d built. What a beauty! Every piece of hand-shaped wood was just right, and he’d given the boat many coats of spar varnish. This brought out the richness of the wood’s grain and color to the point where it almost glowed. Then there were those zillions of gigantic tomatoes that Dave grew on just three tomato plants; much care and attention to detail there, too. Now I see it in almost everything Dave does. It’s even there in vacuuming the living room carpet and doing the dishes.

I once got a chance to watch him handle dishwashing away from his home turf. We’d had a big family meal, and Dave and I had volunteered to do the dishes. Dave was to wash; I was to dry.

I watched him size up the situation. I imagined him saying to himself, “No, there’s no double sink here, and no dishpan … rinsing will be a bit of a problem. Not much counter space on the left, but a good dish drainer … it’ll be okay if Cop dries fast enough. Hmmm, not much counter space on the right either … ah, but with the dirty dishes stacked over on the table I can move a stack or two at a time.” Read more »

Why Punctuality Matters

By Ali Luke

Do you often find yourself running late? Perhaps it’s been a life-long problem – at college, you were always sloping into class five minutes after the professor had begun. It might not have mattered too much then … but in the working world, punctuality is crucial.

If you’re habitually late for meetings, if you miss deadlines, if you’re often late for work, then you’re going to be killing your chances of promotion – and even putting yourself in line for dismissal.

You might be an intelligent, creative person with a ton of skills and experience. And in some countries, where time-keeping isn’t seen as very significant, your lateness wouldn’t matter at all. But if you live in the West (or work with a number of Western clients), it’s really important. Because if you’re always late, you’re giving people the impression that: Read More »

Valuable Information at Your Fingertips
“Putting Down Smartphones in Meetings” (Depositions)
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“Methods of Backing Up Work”
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“Heroes in the Field: The Story of Glenda Cook”
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Smarter Tools
10 Unknown Google Tips
The Lighter Side of Legal


“I want you to know how professional and outstanding our reporter was and that we have requested him for any and all future depos with Atkinson-Baker.” Littler, Mendelson, Los Angeles, CA

“I had the pleasure of working with one of your reporters in San Jose, California. She should be commended for her professionalism throughout the depositions. In addition to being prompt, she was attentive during the depositions and conscientiously asked witnesses to repeat their testimonies to ensure the transcripts accurately reflected their testimonies. She closely monitored the exhibits used during each deposition to prevent the exhibits from being lost or misplaced. I would not hesitate having her serve as the court reporter in future depositions or recommending her services to other attorneys.” Myabe Chong Nishimoto Sia & Nakamura, Honolulu, HI

“The best thing was that the reporter worked overnight to expedite turnaround.” Holland Law Firm, Snowflake, AZ

“I loved the court reporter and appreciate that she followed up with me when a rough draft was available.” Law Office of Tania Rose, San Francisco, CA

“I appreciated the efficiency, turnaround time and friendliness of the reporter!” Montague, Pittman & Varnado, Hattiesburg, MS

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