The ABI Reporter – May 2018


The ABI Reporter – May 2018

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From the President


We are all feeling the effects of less reporters in the marketplace and the need to protect our profession from alternate technologies. As you know, we are working closely with you to develop ways to ease this crunch.

One way is to streamline transcript production so that you not only can report more but so that you also create more leisure time. Writing improvements, getting help with transcript editing, and knowing your software technology are some ideas.

Let’s continue to work together, while we get more students through reporting school, by becoming more efficient in transcript production and taking more jobs.  Your suggestions are welcome!

On a separate note, we have again updated our worksheet to incorporate your suggestions. If you downloaded last month’s version, you will need to download the latest version.



Preparation Guide for Flawless Realtime Output

By National Court Reporters Association

As a realtime writer, how important is preparing for a job to your routine. The JCR asked several reporters.

Reporting a deposition or other event in realtime doesn’t need to add stress to your day. Knowing your software and its shortcuts, having a plan, and being prepared for the topics you hear will go a long way to helping you provide flawless realtime on the job.

Know your software

Several reporters interviewed by the JCR said the first step to being prepared is to know your software.

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Overcoming Challenges

By National Court Reporters Association

Kim Falgiani, RMR, CRC, became a court reporter in 1980 and then became a broadcast captioner in 2002. After some years in broadcast captioning, she went through a series of medical situations, including tendinitis, that derailed her career and nearly ended it. She shared her story of how she overcame these challenges and offered some advice for reporters and captioners to stay at the physical top of their game.

JCR | What challenge have you overcome to be a successful captioner?

FALGIANI | Captioners must overcome many challenges in their careers. Longevity, professional fulfillment, and reasonable compensation are the goals. Everyone wants to be paid what they’re worth.

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Off the Record to Request a Protective Order
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What We Learned at TAC
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