The ABI Reporter – July 2019


The ABI Reporter – July 2019

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  • Captioning Shakespeare for the First Time in Idaho
  • A Reporter’s Work is Never Done
  • Reporter Gets Perfect Score on Test
  • Top Ten Reasons to Visit Denver
  • How to Start Your Own Facebook Practice Group
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Captioning Shakespeare for the First Time in Idaho


Katharine and Petruchio’s story was available in a different way for the first time at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival recently. NCRA member Anissa Nierenberger, RPR, CRR, CRC, Boise, Idaho, provided captions for the first captioned performance in the history of the festival. The June 18 show was Taming of the Shrew.

The audience could access the captions on mobile devices through a captioning streaming program called 1CapApp.

We asked Nierenberger a few questions about the experience.

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A Reporter's Work is Never Done


A recent story in highlighted NCRA member Taleesa Smith, RPR, an official court reporter from Hamilton County, OH. She found herself reporting a sentencing proceeding from outside of an ambulance.

That led us to ask through NCRA’s social media accounts for other stories about unusual places court reporters and captioners have worked. Here are some of the answers:

Michael Anthony Scire, RPR, CMRS, Sarasota, FL

Parking garage. The jury had to see the car where the crime took place, so the parking garage was turned into a makeshift courtroom. My twin brother was the official that day in the courtroom. In order to not disrupt his realtime, we dressed alike that day and I pretended to be Richard S. Scire in the garage while he stayed in the courtroom.

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Reporter Gets Perfect Score on Test
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