The ABI Reporter E-Letter – March 2018


The ABI Reporter E-Letter – March 2018

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From the President


Here are some heartening articles about writing realtime, some healthy suggestions for standing up to our sedentary lifestyle, tips on identifying phishing emails, and a true success story about a reporter who learned the profession by studying online.

I’m sure you’ve experienced the increase in demand of our services.  Streamlining our efforts is one approach to increasing our income and buying leisure time.  To that end, we have organized a team of experienced scopists to help you with your transcript production.  To utilize this service, log onto Active Reporter Services and click on the “Scoping Jobs Upload” link. Exchange those tedious hours spent editing with taking more jobs or enjoying time with friends and family.

As always, let me know what is helpful to you and also what subjects you would like to hear more about, so we can cover them in future editions.



The Thrill of the Chase

By Mary B. Bader

When it comes to being fearful of sending realtime translation to the judge or anyone else, you will never meet a bigger chicken than I am. Unlike many of you who share my dread, I have no choice. My judge demands it. Not only does my judge require realtime, many judges across my district ask for it. If they are used to having realtime in their courtrooms, they want it, whether you are their assigned reporter or not. Could I say, “No, your Honor, sorry, but I do not have to do that”? Sure I could, but to what end? Why are we so afraid of realtime?

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Stand Up for Your Health

By Debra J. Morris

I remember the day I woke up with a spare tire. Judge Gatreaux, the judge I worked for, had a penchant for the 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. legal marathon. I had a penchant for the Enchiladas Rancheras lunch buffet at El Tío Pepe with other famished court staff. At least, to my credit, I skipped the evening’s Happy Hour margaritas, only because the preliminary hearing transcripts were due in 10 stress-inducing days. Margaritas notwithstanding, it turns out those habits were a recipe for poor health.

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