The ABI Reporter – April 2018


The ABI Reporter – April 2018

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  • Is Your Fear Real or Imagined?
  • Realtime: Taming Your Fears
  • 121 Easy and Delicious Healthy Snacks
  • Realtime: It’s Worth It
  • 15 Common Grammar Mistakes that Kill Your Writing Credibilty
  • Confusing Words
  • Seven Proven Time Management Tips

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Is Your Fear Real or Imagined?

By Ron Cook

Providing realtime for the first (and second, third, fourth, and so on) time is extremely uncomfortable. It was for me and for whoever I’ve ever talked to about their first attempts. I have never heard of anybody providing realtime for the first time and being completely confident and comfortable.

The fact of the matter is that the first days and weeks of realtime will be uncomfortable. However, the same can be said of the first days at any job. I can remember long ago, before learning about court reporting, when I became a recreation leader at an elementary school. I hadn’t been a recreation leader before; I was totally out of my comfort zone. As the days passed, as I got more and more experience and started to get the hang of it, I became more and more comfortable.

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Realtime: Taming Your Fears

By Kathy Cortopassi

The worst fear, believe it or not, was the first time I ever captioned the Business Meeting for the NCRA Annual Convention. Not captioning the speeches of the President of the United States. Not captioning any live U.S. Senate or House speeches. Not providing CART for hundreds or thousands of people for hundreds of events over these 30-plus years I’ve been doing this job.

The NCRA. My peers. Fellow captioners. Fellow realtimers. Fellow CART providers. People who could “read through” my mistakes. People who could understand when I fingerspelled or when I had a phrase pop up (Oh, she must have a brief for that!), people who would be “air steno’g” what I was writing, people who would be able to tell how fast/slow the speakers were speaking.

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121 Easy and Delicious Healthy Snacks

Realtime: It’s Worth It

15 Common Grammar Mistakes that Kill Your Credibility 

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