Good News from Our Clients


Good News from Our Clients

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To Lauri Pullman: “It is very rare that I have the opportunity to compliment a court reporter for her work on a deposition. We took a deposition and I had the pleasure of the services of Ms. Pullman from your offices. She was polite and professional. I was surprised that she was able to get down what was said, even when the parties were talking over each other, which we try not to do but always seem to do anyways. She was even able to keep track of and get down the technical words and medications. I know this because there were several times we had her read back the statements made. So even when all the attorneys and the witness got lost, she saved the day by accurately reading back the testimony and questions. Thank you for the support of your staff and for the excellent work done by Lauri Pullman. I hope you will have her assigned to all my future depositions.” Beverly Hills, CA

To Lyn Corrin-Aaker: “The reporter has been prompt, professional, and she bakes delicious cookies! She has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We have received our electronic and hard copies of the transcripts she has prepared so far, and we are very pleased with the service provided by Atkinson-Baker.” Pasadena, CA

To Samantha Downing: “Things went great. Thank you! We got the rough draft moments after it was over. AWESOME! You rock.” Houston, TX

To Kathleen McLaughlin: “Thank you so very much for your diligent and impressive efforts to get this to me. I will see you at the deposition this morning with a dedicated coffee pot for you!”

To Grace Chung: “Atkinson-Baker should be thankful to have such a skilled reporter such as you. I just glanced at the transcript, and it reads like a final, despite the extremely complex medical verbiage. Thank You!” Las Vegas, NV

To Denise Maher: “Thanks for turning this transcript around so quickly. You did a great job when I really needed this transcript for a couple of motions.” Los Angeles, CA

To Dana Seijas: I was very impressed with your reporter. We had originally set the deposition of our employee for your reporter at 9:30 a.m. We found out early that morning (but too late to call it off) that he was ill and unable to make the deposition. The plaintiff had come to observe the deposition and was also set to be deposed that day at 2:00 p.m. Your reporter agreed to wait while we got a translator. So we were able to go ahead and take her deposition that morning, and the attorneys did not have to wait around until 2:00 p.m. when it was originally set.” Pasadena, CA

“Carrie Hewerdine is fabulous and she always helps us with our ‘screwy’ depos!” Danville, CA

“Angela Varela and Andres Lopez (Spanish Interpreter) were extremely professional, friendly and pleasant to work with.” Glendale, CA

“Monica January was wonderful at the deposition! She put up with a lot of unpleasantness and handled herself well.” Los Angeles, CA

“Denise Pagano did a super job on getting us the e-transcript so fast. We are very grateful and we thank you, Denise!” Encino, CA

To Gail Peeples: “Give Gail my sincerest thanks for providing the transcript so quickly. She is very professional and I am very pleased with her work. I am going to try to find her some more work because I am so happy with her!” Encino, CA

“Elizabeth Jean Wood was fantastic! She was a pleasure to work with. She suffered thru the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) strike and was punctual, nevertheless. She was always cheerful and always ready and able to find testimony for us during the jury trial. She is really one of the best I have ever worked with. Thank you for providing us such excellent service!” San Francisco, CA

To Emily Anderson: “I took depositions recently in Orlando, Florida, with your court reporter, Emily Anderson. I don’t usually write such emails, but I wanted to make sure you know that Ms. Anderson is an excellent court reporter. She was a pleasure to work with – professional, friendly, and very hardworking. The case is complicated and involved complex, technical explanations of how a certain software/hardware works, but she was able to work through everything quickly and keep up with the fast pace of the deposition. In summation, Ms. Anderson is excellent and I would highly recommend her to any attorney in the future.” San Marino, CA

“Lorena Barron was friendly and ready before our attorneys were ready. You do a great job each time!” San Diego, CA

“Cathy Crump served as the court reporter for depositions that I took during the last three days. Yesterday, the deposition lasted significantly longer than expected. Not only did we continue well past 5 o’clock, but we also had to change rooms. Ms. Crump was extremely professional and handled the situation well. I really appreciated her efforts.” Washington, D.C.

To Caryn Carruthers-Walter: “You did a great job under difficult circumstances. Thanks very much for the prompt turnaround as well.” Los Angeles, CA

“Clarice Haydon Howard was wonderful! She was both professional and so very friendly that the whole deposition was as smooth as could be.” Denver, CO

“Patricia Hill-Flowers is amazing! She is why I continue to use Atkinson-Baker.” Encino, CA

“Thanks for providing a court reporter for our jury trial this week. We went four full days and finished yesterday afternoon. We had Lavender Lino and she was absolutely fantastic. She did good work, was a joy to work with, and she made trying the case that much easier and enjoyable. Please let her know we really appreciated it!” Long Beach, CA

To Dana Anderson-Linnell: “My attorney just returned to the office with RAVE reviews of the reporter assigned to the job — he said she was exceptional! His experience was wonderful because he has had many CRs who were the polar opposite. The reporter was able to read back testimony seamlessly and he was impressed.” Chicago, IL

“Aileen Neitzert was fantastic (especially given the length of the depositions) and the conference rooms/phone speakers in Glendale/Burbank were excellent.” Honolulu, HI

“The highest praise is given to Ms. Elizabeth Jean Wood for the services she provided during the over one week trial. Ms. Wood reflected the ability to record all matters at an extremely high rate when counsel and Judge were speaking, and she remained composed during the Chinese translations which sometimes became argumentative. She also was courteous, had an agreeable personality to all, was always on time, and did not request the spelling or repeating of what was said during the trial. In short, Ms. Wood was outstanding!” Burlingame, CA

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