Teamwork: Helping You Succeed


Teamwork: Helping You Succeed

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teamworkAs it is every year, having a great quarterback was essential to winning this year’s Superbowl. With his 336 yards passing and 60% completions, there was no doubt that John Elway deserved the unanimous vote to receive the trophy for most valuable player. In the next day’s papers, the commentators were debating whether he or Joe Montana was the best quarterback ever to play the game.

As the hundreds of millions of eyes were focused on this one person last weekend, it was possible to forget the 200 other people on the team who made it possible for him to be out there throwing the touchdowns. Of course there is the obvious supporting crew – the front line which kept him from getting sacked, the defense which regained possession of the ball, the receivers and the backs who carried the ball. But, beyond this, there are all the coaches, trainers, doctors and front office personnel who provided the technical and administrative backup for him to be out there throwing the ball. (Oh yes, and let’s not forget the attorneys who negotiated his compensation package!)

Successful litigation requires a similar level of teamwork. To keep the attorney focused on winning the case, all the support actions must go flawlessly. All the actions of the secretaries, paralegals, office managers, receptionists, librarians, court reporters, copy service, videographers and interpreters must effortlessly dovetail into the result of a case fully prepared for trial.

A quarterback does best when well supported by the rest of his team.  An attorney does best when well  serviced by competent office staff and outside support personnel.

Everything we do at Atkinson-Baker is geared toward keeping you focused on the essential points of your case. With one call to our office, you activate a team of over 130+ in-house support staff to handle every detail from the scheduling of court reporters,  videographers, interpreters and conference rooms through the delivery of the finished transcript and beyond. Our fax and telephone confirmations assure you that everything is under control allowing you and your staff to put your attention on other aspects of the case. We even have our “Special Team” players, Customer Service, who ensure that if there ever is a fumble, the ball is quickly recovered without a loss of yardage.

As with any game, you have to know the rules in order to play. In this issue we will continue with our coverage of how to get copies of the federal local rules and give the details on some deposition rule changes in California.  We will also take a look at some of the specialized teammates you can use when you set a deposition with Atkinson-Baker.

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