Simplifying Case Management


Simplifying Case Management

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attorney at lawA functional definition of complex litigation recognizes that the need for management… does not simply arise from complexity, but is its defining characteristic: The greater the need for management, the more ‘complex’ is the litigation.”
– Manual For Complex Litigation Third

A complex case can take on a life of its own, forging new relationships among attorney firms, requiring courts to develop unique procedural rules and creating specialized litigation units to handle the myriad issues, motions, logistics, exhibits, witnesses, depositions and hearings in preparation for the trial or final settlement.

With all you have to do to successfully handle such a case, anything which can simplify your job frees up valuable personnel, time and energy to concentrate on the more substantial issues of the case.

In such a case, with one call to Atkinson-Baker, you immediately add the strength and experience of our team to your team. All the usual actions of scheduling a reporter, videographer, conference room and interpreter are taken care of with proficiency and expediency.

Take as an example one case we are handling regarding insurance coverage for some toxic torts.  We started reporting depositions for the lead attorneys on the defense team and, after seeing the quality of our work, the plaintiffs also decided to use us.  So far over the last three years, we have reported 332 depositions and hearings in 59 cities in 23 states and two countries.  We have arranged conference rooms for 143 of them, videographers for 135 of them and 59 of them required realtime reporting.  These actions resulted in over 46,000 original transcript pages and over 38,000 original exhibit pages.

While this is larger than most cases, and some may consider it difficult to manage, it is easy for our firm because it only represents about four typical days’ work for us.  We routinely provide reporters over 400 times per week throughout the country.  It does, however, represent a huge savings for our clients who could arrange everything with a phone call or weekly calendar fax, rather than having to search the country for what they need.

With a large case, there are additional advantages besides providing the basic services.  Large cases can involve specialized case management orders to be followed, particular accounting procedures, designated formats for transcripts and exhibits.  When you use Atkinson-Baker, unlike using a network or group of agencies, we directly handle all aspects of the case from the scheduling, to the processing of the transcripts and the billing, and ensure that all your special needs and requests are attended to at each deposition.  You don’t have to brief a new reporter or agency each time you go to a different city.

So, the next time you have a large case to handle, make that one call to your Atkinson-Baker Account Representative, and find out how our Simplified Case Management can give you an instant advantage.

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