Brief Forms of the Suffix “Ship”


Brief Forms of the Suffix “Ship”

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The California Court Reporting Association
Recently received an inquiry from a reporter taking an NCRA test, and she said that the word “leadership” threw her off. She did not have a brief form for it and wished she had. Below is a list of words containing the suffix “ship.”
Acquaintanceship KWAIP
Apprenticeship PRAEP
Atty-Client Relationship TOERL
Authorship THAORP
Bipartisanship BARP
Casual Relationship KAUFLGS
Censorship SHORP
Chairmanship CHARP
Championship CHAOP
Citizenship SHOIP
Companionship SKAOP
Conservatorship SKEFRP
Dealership DLERP
Distributorship DRIRP
Fellowship FLEP
Friendship FRIP or FROIP
Hardship H-RP or HOIRP
Home ownership HOERP
Internship SPWERP
Leadership LERP or LOIRP
Membership MEP
Ownership OERP or OIP
Partnership PIP or POIRP
Proprietorship PRORP
Receivership SAOEFRP
Relationship RAEP
Salesmanship SMIP
Scholarship SKLARP
Sexual Relationship SWREP
Sole Proprietorship SPRIP
Sponsorship SPOIP
Survivorship SWAOIFRP
Township TWIP
Sponsorship SPOIP
Trusteeship TROIP
Workmaship WRA*P

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