10 Tips for Setting Work Goals


10 Tips for Setting Work Goals

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By Jonah Isbell

Here are some great tips if you are thinking about setting work goals.

  1. Choose at least one long-term goal (minimum one year)
  2. Make sure your goals are achievable. If they are too easy you won’t have much success to show for them and if they are too hard you will get discouraged. Choose goals that you think you have about a 60% chance of fulfilling.
  3. Choose goals that are specific and measurable. Make sure they are framed positively and it is clear whether they have been achieved. For example “I will increase my sales rate by 10% by the end of the year” has more power than a goal of “I will sell more products.” Write your goals down and put them in your office so that you can see them everyday.
  4. Break up your goals into workable subgoals.
  5. Put your own deadlines on all of your goals and subgoals if they don’t already have deadlines attached to them.
  6. Measure the progress towards your goals daily or weekly. If, for example, you are trying to increase your commissions, you should graph it on a wall with the target you are aiming for on the graph, as well.
  7. Plan rewards. Give yourself a treat when you complete a subgoal or reach a milestone. For example, go out for dinner or plan a getaway.
  8. Tell others in your office about your goals. They will support you and keep you accountable in reaching them.
  9. Visualize. Think about how great it will feel to complete each of your goals often. Stay motivated to achieve them.
  10. Take daily action. Make sure you take one step towards each goal every day no matter how big or small the step is.

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