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International Coverage

ONE-CALL Convenience for All Deposition Services Anywhere in the World

Our worldwide network is here to help you set up what you need immediately across the globe.

That means that court reporters, conference rooms, videographers, interpreters, or anything else you need are at your disposal all around the world.

International Depositions

The U.S. Department of State has valuable international judicial information that can be used as a guide when the need for depositions overseas arises.

Obtaining evidence abroad

Service of process abroad

Country-specific information

ONE-CALL Convenience for All Depositions, –Nationwide or Globally

  • You deal only with us for a room, court reporter, videographer, or interpreter.
  • Conference rooms available in major cities
  • Standard, prompt, and accurate service no matter where your deposition is held
  • Every single step of the deposition process is handled by us for your convenience and confidence.