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Realtime Remote and Skype™


Sheila Atkinson-BakerRealtime remote allows our clients to monitor the deposition transcript as it is being transcribed in realtime from anywhere in the world.  We provide a personalized walk-through by our in-house IT Support Specialist, who will set you up directly. Remote Realtime is an easy and efficient way to get immediate access to your deposition transcript.


Our ability to provide Skype™ allows clients to see a witness being deposed right over the Internet. Skype™ is an amazing way to participate in a group setting without having to be there. The Skype™ technology level is so great that, mixed with Remote Realtime, there isn’t anything you can’t do during your deposition from a remote location.

Please contact Sevan Kashishian to get set up with Realtime Remote and/or Skype™ or if you have any questions.

Email: it@depo.com, Phone: 800-288-3376