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Realtime Reporting Benefits

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Realtime Reporting Benefits

Sheila Atkinson-Baker,

Realtime court reporting, the instant translation of the reporter’s stenographic notes, is becoming more and more popular due to the benefits it brings to the litigating attorney and the case management team.

The most immediate benefit is no more waiting for transcripts. During a deposition, the reporter writes what is said, and the software on the attorney’s laptop computer or tablet captures a rough draft transcript of the proceedings.

This tool combines the power of sight and verbal elocution. The structuring of the questioning as well as the witness’s testimony can be immediately verified by looking at the realtime feed. This assists the case management team in better tracking the course of the testimony and carefully evaluating objections of opposing counsel.

Ability to concentrate is increased, as one can concentrate on the progress of the deposition without detailed note taking.

The software allows you to make notes, to scroll earlier in the testimony for review, to access time stamping, and to flag certain testimony for revisiting later. The testimony also can be sent to the Internet for use and review by remote expert witnesses or co-counsel. Multiple software applications can be used to view exhibits and other documents, while also following with the realtime speech-to-text transcription.

Try it! All you need is a qualified court reporter. Let us know, and we will be sure to schedule you one at your next deposition.