LiveLitigation Realtime provides legal teams with the ability to remotely attend a deposition from any geographic location. It’s a simpler, better streaming deposition solution designed to help you and your legal teams easily participate, collaborate, and follow along remotely with depositions.

Imagine being able to attend a deposition stream with locations and experts from around the world. allows you to do just that and more. is 100 percent web based, so you won’t have to download anything to join a deposition. Simply click on a link and you’re in. While attending a deposition through you will be able to:

  • Select from multiple video layouts
  • View realtime streaming text
  • Search for keywords
  • Pause streaming text
  • Communicate through private group chat
  • Upload and download exhibits

Attend a Deposition Remotely

If you are going to be remotely attending a realtime deposition as an attendee, you will receive an email from us with information on how to access the deposition via the internet. This email will include the case name, deposition name, witness name, date and time of the deposition, your chat group letter, password, and a URL link that will take you directly into the deposition room. By simply clicking on the deposition hyperlink within the email, you will be redirected to Just enter your password contained in the deposition invite email, and you will then have access to the live streaming deposition.

LiveLitigation for Your Mobile Device

Participate in streaming depositions right from your handheld or mobile device. The realtime deposition app, available to download on any iPad, iPhone, or Android device, gives you and your legal team yet another easy way to attend realtime streaming depositions.

Click here to view a video on LiveLitigation.

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