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Video Conferencing
Get the same face-to-face impact from your depositions without the hassle and expense of traveling. Take advantage of our premier videoconferencing services, and you will be able to take depositions from anywhere in the world with one simple phone call.

  • We handle all the researching, testing, and technical know-how so you can concentrate on your deposition.
  • Choose from videoconference locations anywhere nationwide.
  • Take depositions anywhere in the world without traveling costs.
  • We specialize in single- or multi-site videoconferences.
  • Detailed videoconferencing proposals outline your costs up front without obligation – no surprise fees or unexplained expenses.

Thank you for making the videoconferencing deposition a success! I appreciate the help from your team in completing the videoconferencing called for in a very short period of time. It went very well and I would definitely recommend your services not only in my office but also to our other locations. I hope we will continue to work together and create more success stories. Thanks to everyone at ABI who was involved in the process.-M.M.,
Oakland, CA