Exhibit Sharing Options



By utilizing this exhibit sharing platform, you are able to enjoy a more robust exhibit sharing experience that rivals paper used during an in-person deposition. Upon request, you will be provided with login credentials. From there you will have access to the case at hand. You will then upload all your potential exhibits for your upcoming deposition.

When you are ready, click “Start a Deposition.” This brings you to a new screen which provides a PIN number.

Once the witness and opposing counsel have logged in, you can introduce one or a number of documents during the session. You are able to choose which documents you want to make available for opposing counsel and the witness to review. You can direct the witness’s attention to a specific portion of a document. When you introduce an exhibit, you will then affix an exhibit sticker to the first page of the document.

There are annotation tools available if there is a need to mark up a document. These marked-up versions can be saved.

When you are ready to mark an exhibit, click the “Mark Exhibit” button, and place the exhibit sticker in the location of your choosing.

At the conclusion of the session, opposing counsel and the court reporter will be able to download all the documents you introduced and marked.

This is a web-based, paperless solution for handling documents, and there is no software to install. This platform is used in conjunction with Zoom. You would have Zoom on one half of your screen and the exhibits on the other half. If you are utilizing a videographer to record the deposition, the final video file will ONLY be of the witness, since this is a separate platform from Zoom. It will not include any of the exhibit sharing.

Click here to view a video.


One of the easiest ways to share your exhibits during a deposition is by utilizing the screen share function. It is best if you have all of your potential exhibits organized in a folder on your desktop. When you are ready to show the witness a document, open it up, and click on “Share Screen.”

We recommend that you send us the exhibits beforehand so we can provide them to the court reporter. These may be sent to exhibits@depo.com. You can also send them after the deposition or provide them directly to the court reporter at the end.

If your deposition is recorded by a videographer, the screen sharing will be included in the final video recording. On one side of the screen will be the screen share, and on the other side of the screen will be the witness’s video.

 Click here to learn how to use the screen share feature for exhibits.


If neither of the above options seem interesting and you would prefer to have someone take care of it for you, we can do that too. We will provide someone from our office who joins your remote session to assist with your screen sharing. All you need to do is provide us with the potential exhibits in advance. Our technician will be connected early to discuss the presentation of the exhibits with you. When you are ready to have something displayed, just let our technician know and they will display it on the screen for everyone. They will be present for the entire remote session.

If you would like to utilize an exhibit sharing platform or one of our technicians, please give us advance notice so that we may better service you.

Contact our office if you would like to see more about how screen sharing works or to see the exhibit sharing platform in action.