Riddle Sept/Oct 2012


Riddle Sept/Oct 2012

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Last Month’s Riddle

A man holding a chicken, a fox, and a bag of corn comes to a river with a rowboat that can hold him and one other object.
He can’t leave the fox with the chicken or the fox will eat the chicken, and he can’t leave the chicken with the corn or the chicken will eat the corn.
How does he get them all across?

Take the chicken first, the fox won’t eat the corn. Leave the chicken on the other side. Come back and get the corn and take it to the other side and leave it. Bring chicken back with you and leave it on the original shore. Take fox over and leave with corn. Go back for chicken and you’re done!

Thank you to all of you who submitted correct answers, but, unfortunately, we only picked one winner. We hope you try this month’s head scratcher!

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