Riddle April 2013


Riddle April 2013

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Last Month’s Riddle

I can have a lap,
sometimes I am at hand,
for Bette, I am dark,
and winged in ancient land.

What am I?


I am victory.

A victory lap is taken when a race is won.
When victory is at hand, it means the battle is about to be won.

Bette Davis starred in the 1939 movie Dark Victory. Both Ms. Davis and the movie were nominated for Oscars. Ironically, neither won. Vivien Leigh won the Best Actress Oscar that year for her performance as Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind, which won Best Picture.
Winged Victory is a marble statue of the Greek goddess Nike, sculpted around 190 BC. It was discovered in Samothrace in 1863 and is currently on display in the Louvre.

Thank you to all of you who submitted correct answers, but, unfortunately, we only picked one winner. We hope you try this month’s head scratcher!

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