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Finding a Scopist

image_FindingAScopist_smIn surveys conducted last Fall and Spring, many of you mentioned that a key element in ensuring that your transcripts are done on time is to have a good scopist and proofreader. A common question that also came up, however, was “How do I find a scopist?” Even reporters who normally do their own scoping like to have the security of a competent backup for when things get busy.

From our viewpoint, we are always working to keep you busy, and the most important thing in attracting and keeping a client is an accurate transcript delivered on time. If you went to a restaurant and they told you that you would have to wait to be served because there were other customers who were more important than you, you would probably leave right then or at least never come back.

It is the same thing telling an attorney that his transcript will be late because the reporter is too busy handling transcripts for other clients. Even if he “doesn’t need it right away,” it does inform him that he is not considered as important as other clients and you can easily lose a lifetime of business from that client. Everyone –from your kids to your spouse to your clients to yourself– wants to be considered important and be given attention and good service. So, to help you help us keep the clients happy, and to get more work for yourselves, following are some places you can look online for scopists.

CAT System Companies

Major CAT system companies have current listings of scopists who work with their systems.

Other Scopist Listings and Resources

Accolade Scoping Leads – ASL is the only scoping job leads program in which scopists are required to pass the Accolade Scoping Education (ASE) scoping exam which includes scoping with audio. You can be assured that your days of searching for a well-trained scopist are over because ASE has taken all of the hassle and frustration out of the search for you. – Looking for a scopist who is available NOW? This valuable FREE service is the perfect way to find the help you need. Freelance reporters simply fill out a request, and scopists who are available for work will respond directly. – A sister site to above, this page has a listing of over 400 listings including email, phone, and websites for scopists that work with the following systems: Case Catalyst, Digital Cat, Eclipse, ProCat, and StenoCat. – This website contains free listings of over 500 scopists, organized by state and city. The listings include the scopist’s training, experience, and equipment. Most of them contain e-mail and street addresses, as well as a phone number. A reporter can also prepare a confidential query for a scopist, proofreader, or audio transcriptionist, which gets sent to all site subscribers, and can place a free classified ad. On their website, there is a tab called “Reporter Info,” and under that tab are “Looking for a Scopist” and “Online Directory.”

In the “Looking for a Scopist” page, there are some questions there that will help to narrow down what the reporter is looking for in a scopist.  This information will get posted in the school’s forum where students and graduates can find them. The “Online Directory” is a list, with contact information, of some of the ISS graduates. – Over 200 listings by state.

What To Do Next

The last thing you’ll want to do is wait until you have three all-day expedites, on top of your regular load, before you go looking for a backup scopist. Rather, the next time a deposition runs short, take a little time to see who is available as a backup and line up a couple you are comfortable with. That way, when the need arises, you will just be a quick phone call or two away from getting the help you need.